Grandmaster D.J. Sias is a veteran of over 4 decades in the martial arts, and has trained students at every level, up to and including the Master level.  He presently holds an 9th degree Black Belt, and has promoted over 170 students to Black Belt.

In addition to being the Chief Instructor of Greenwood Taekwon-Do, he has served as the chairman of the Board for Southern Martial Arts Inc., since it’s inception in 1983.

Grandmaster Sias, who is referred to by most as simply “Master”, is very proud of those that have accomplished their goals through the art and science of Taekwon-Do, and to those that now seek the coveted Black Belt.


Over the past 35 years, Grandmaster Sias has promoted over 150 students to 1st Degree. Though many of these students have advanced beyond 1st Degree, listed is the order that each was promoted to First Dan.
Also listed are other Black Belts who have received advanced ranking from Grandmaster Sias.
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Gober Grantham Anderson McCown