Don Gober, a Seventh Degree Black Belt Master Level Martial Artist, has trained in Shotokan for 25 years. With over sixty students promoted to Black Belt, Don Gober now serves as President of Gober's karate and Family Fitness Center, Inc. in Brandon, MS. Gober's martial arts program began in 1979 in Pearl, MS, and has now evolved into the premier Martial Arts, health and fitness center it is today.

Don Gober has served on the board of Directors f the Southern Martial Arts Association for 13 years as President. Each year Gobr's promotes and sponsors the Battle of Brandon martial arts championships as part of the Southern Martial Arts Championship Series

Having competed throughout the U.S. for many years, Don Gober is committed to promoting healthy competition among martial artists of every style, and continuing the long held tradition of passing along the best of martial arts from one generation to the next.

Norma, Donnie, Paige Gober Thomas, Master Don Gober


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